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Easily Build Web Applications and Database-Driven Websites

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Free Drag and drop website builder

Easily create WOW websites that are supported on all browsers and devices, using an advanced, straightforward and convenient user interface. No code is required with Simbla drag and drop website builder software. Built on Bootstrap cutting-edge technology, our templates are well- designed and tailored for any kind of business. Building websites has never been easier. Take a tour through our responsive website templates and prepare to be amazed. View our responsive website templates.

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Online Database Websites

Store and manage any kind of data using Simbla’s online database. Simbla allows you to add  web forms to collect data from your web visitors, and you can use our drag and drop website builder to design your custom forms. Once stored, you can apply many functions to view, update and alter your data; for example, showcase tables with your users’ data or create a pie chart to track orders - endless features and high flexibility awaits. Simbla’s responsive website builder will help you design all of your data in a way that will supply your users with the best user experience. Learn how to create your first online database.


Create Web Applications

Simbla website maker is also the infrastructure for creating amazing web applications. Connect  your responsive websites to a dedicated database, with the assistance of a flexible and modern UI. Servers and upgrades are unnecessary for creating data-driven pages when using our responsive website builder. We allow for easy and quick implementation of any web application, for any need. Read more about our online application builder.

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 Build and Manage SaaS Products

Providing solutions for cloud-based software (SaaS) constitutes a complex challenge. Simbla simplifies this challenge and provides assistance covering all the aspects involved. With Simbla, it is possible to reduce the amount of time and resources required for the developing process by 60-80%, and by doing so, eliminating the necessity of having large teams to manage the cloud infrastructure. We’re responsible for managing the servers, the resources and availability of the system so you could concentrate on developing and selling your product. Our secured architecture supports a multitude of clients and databases, offering help with the management of the versions and upgrades required. 

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Server side code 

At Simbla, we strive to provide tools with in our that enable entire systems to be developed without coding. In complex projects, often there are parts that require a more sophisticated answer. For this reason, we enable our developers to write server side code with NodeJS. With the help of this feature, you will be able to write functions, turn to the database, send and receive data from external systems, perform calculations and more. 


App Market

Managing your business through a lot of separate, third-party applications is a tough mission;  instead, upgrade your website with our original apps such as Blog, eCommerce, Lead Manager, and much more. The apps are integrated seamlessly  to our online website builder and allow you to control and manage your business in one place, as you will be able to view all the different interactions your client undergoes— from purchase to post-sale support. All of Simbla’s apps were developed on Simbla’s online database and Simbla’s application builder tool and built with Simbla’s website creator. View our app market.

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Our Cloud Platform

Simbla’s team has one calling: To provide the most enhanced and unique online platform, accommodating all modern web solution needs. Simbla's package incorporates a unified, drag & drop cloud environment for businesses and developers, including a database, development tools, online website builder and ready-made business applications. This exciting environment enables users to create their own all-in-one solution easily and independently.


Enables customers to easily create their own online database (including tables, users, and permissions) with a friendly interface – no coding required.

Dev Tools

Offer a set of tools for both developers and non-developers to either customize or create their own data-based web applications. Simbla provides a state-of-the-art, server-less environment, No-code website builder – we take care of installs, updates and scales. 

Build a Website

Browse through tons of ready-made responsive website templates, or use our No code Website builder. With Simbla tools, anyone can easily make a website. Simbla websites can be integrated with the Simbla database in no time, by using our draggable database widgets.

 ‪Business Applications

Quickly enhance your website with ready-made applications, such as eCommerce, Lead Management, Product Catalog and Blog. 

2022- The year of Simbla

We have huge surprises for our community in 2022, with some of our greatest releases on their way; CRM, Email Marketing, Knowledge Base, Online Scheduling, and even more are coming soon.  You can also expect Simbla’s white labeling for SaaS Companies. SaaS companies will be able to develop and sell their SaaS products on Simbla’s cloud.

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