5 Best Ways to Create Custom Tote Bags for Brand Identity

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses aim to increase brand awareness and get their names out in the market. Increasing your promotional branding efforts to the most regularly-used items is a smart way to achieve just that. There are many custom bags and backpacks that provide functionality and usefulness while serving as a walking billboard each time they are used, but tote bags are on an entirely different level.

You have at least once in your lifetime considered gifting custom tote bags containing your business logo or message to your customers because you understand that tote bags can create a lasting impression. But, that impression is not just restricted to the person who owns the bag.

As a matter of fact, tote bags are so popular in the promotional world that they are seen and used by everyone. Each day, you get to see people using them for shopping, carrying their personal belongings, and what not, etc. So, naturally, these bags can generate far-reaching impressions even after you gift them away.

But not all types of custom bags and backpacks and tote bags are the same, and you may not exactly know which type of tote bag works the best for your business. You may also not be informed about the kinds of designs on tote bags that get the most attention. Let us take a look at some of the types of tote bags you can use and customize to boost your organization’s sales and branding.

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Kinds of Promotional Tote Bags

You may have sufficient knowledge about how a tote bag looks, but there are more options available in the market than you may think. Indeed, you may select the best tote bags by design, colour, size, material, and even the price. Yes, tote bags carry a lot of exciting traits these days. Some of them include:

Custom Tote Bags
  • Insulation: Have you ever thought of the idea of keeping your cold groceries cold and hot food items hot? Insulated tote bags carry that technology, allowing you to store your food and groceries at their required temperatures, along with offering you plenty of customization areas to boost your brand or business.
  • Velcro & Zippers: Zippers and Velcro are great methods to preserve the contents of your bag safely.
  • Extra space & pockets: No bag in the world offers sufficient places to store your precious items. Some tote bags have little pockets inside designed especially to your cellphones and tablets. Or you can choose a customized tote bag that has pockets for water bottles, notebooks, and even pens, etc.
  • Convertible straps: The ability to make changes into the strap of a tote bag gives it much more usability, suggesting that the bag owners will possibly tote around and become a walking stick for your business.

As an addition to all these exciting features that tote bags carry with them, you can select from a wide range of designs, colours, and materials according to your business and branding needs. There are absolutely no limitations to the number of colours you choose. It makes sense to select a colour that goes well with your business logo and other customized design.

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Ideas for designing tote bags

For the most part, organizations and businesses will place their logo or text on any promotional product. The best part about a tote bag is that it provides enough room for a logo, suggesting that it will be visible to anyone who looks in its direction. You can place your logo on both sides to make it more effective for your customers.

In certain situations, a logo may not just be sufficient. For example, maybe you are running a new organization, or your logo is just a design containing no text to give your prospects an idea about what your products and services are or what your business name is.

In situations like these, you would like to add more descriptive information about your brand or contact information like your number, email address, and website. Among three, a website may be the most effective for improving brand awareness, since a majority of the tote bag users are out and about, allowing them to browse your brand or product in detail online.

This is crucial for your business endeavours since, at the end of 2021, mobile transactions will be able to generate half of the sales online, as suggested by Forbes.

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